Opinion & Diaspora

My dear friends, this evening I would like to stop for a bit so that we can talk. Since the death of Floyd, I have heard a lot of things being said on this platform. Only, I would like you to know that all the abuses made to black people do not date from today. Since the abolition of slavery, many things have improved in the relationship between blacks and whites. I am not a racist, I integrate all humans and love them all in the same way. I work and live with whites who are magnificent, extraordinary people. All whites are not racist. All whites are not our enemy.  I come this evening to invite you all to continue to cultivate love and forgiveness. May tolerance guide all our actions. Let us not destroy our solid fraternal ties. On the contrary, let’s strengthen our ties.

May the incident which led to the death of Georges Floyd come to consolidate our relationships with our fellow white people. I don’t hate anyone.

The police officer who killed Floyd is going to carry his Karma that no one will share with him. Let’s mourne and pray for all those who are safari during this difficult period.

At the same time, I would like to invite our fellow white people, our brothers, and sisters from another color, to be more tolerant. Please if you have a brother or a sister who is a police officer, please tell him/her to be tolerant. Before he/she uses his gun, he/she thinks twice.

The entire world is booming today because of one stupid officer. Many families mourn their children, all for unnecessary racial struggles. Let us not destroy all that is beautiful that unites us. May Martin Luther’s message on love rise from the ashes. We should love, we should always tolerate, we should respect each other. May those who have experienced the great initiation go in peace. May the grand architect of the universe send his light to America and to the entire world so that the internal struggles stop.

May peace return and together we break down the barriers of hate. Tonight I’m coming to tell you that I love you despite everything. Let’s Pray for the internal rest of Flyod and all those who died before him. May America rise tomorrow under a radiant ray and  may love triumphs. I want you to know my brother,my sister,my friend who’s white that I love you. Black or white we are all one…

I have spoken.