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One of the most used commodities on Earth; water has become a luxury to the inhabitants of Bokwango, one of the villages in Buea sub division of Cameroon, for over twenty years now. Aside few privately owned taps, the over ten thousand other inhabitants depend on irregular public taps for water. The immediate effect is that children stay out of school in order to look for water. A young boy of about ten years affirms, “I am not in school today because I need to fetch enough water and store, a quantity that can last for about a week. Tomorrow I will definitely be in school because I am not sure that these public taps will flow. So I have to make use of this opportunity”

This price for limited water in the Bokwango is more costly for housewives, who have children to cater for.  Explaining their ordeal, a housewife says “we use small quantities of water to do our laundry because we have many children at home. Even to wash our dishes, we use the same water we used to do laundry so as to economize the water”.

The battle for the precious liquid may however seem easier for car owners and the well to do in this part of Cameroon, who use their facilities to get water from other towns in the Buea sub division. But the weight is unbearable to the majority who belong to the lower socio-economic status. Chief Molua Mese Elkana has been at the helm for thirty-eight years, he says the struggle to bring water to Bokwango continues. “We use to have water running from a reservoir here. But since it was cut down about twenty years ago by the government, we have been struggling for water. Before now, we were depending on the government. But as at now, we are taking up the challenge as a community.” He added, “We have a donor now, they are working on the project”.

Bokwango people feel they are not suppose to be suffering from water crisis because their community is one of the forty one villages bounding the Mount Cameroon national park, which harbors one the most trusted sources of water.[spacer height="30px"]



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